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how to distinguish between LOH and aUPD? - by using combo of microsatellite and MLPA (Oct/06/2009 )

Hi, I would really appreciate it, if someone could point me in the right direction on how to answer the following question.


How would you distinguish between LOH and aUPD by way of using microsatellite analysis and MLPA.
are there any textbooks or journal articles I can read to find this out? i did some searches but couldnt find anything :(

this is what i know so far:

aUPD is Uniparental disomy - ocurs when a person inherits two copies of a chromosome pair from one parent and no copy from the other parent. but normally a baby will inherit one copy of each chromosome from the mother and father. so aUPD is when having the SAME copy of the chromosome. a form of LOH

but what does the a stand for in aUPD ?

also i know that you can use microsatellite markers to tell when LOH has occured as you will see a loss of one of the alleles. but how does MLPA work? anyone know any good sites that explain it ?

MLPA is = Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA) - high resolution method to detect copy number variation in genomic sequences.

but how would microsatellite markers and MLPA be able to tell you whether its a LOH or a aUPD ? basically whether you have got a REAL loss of one of the chromosomes, or a duplication of the SAME chromosome.
THANK you so much in advance!!! I REALLY appreciate it !!!


i cant edit my original post.

so just wanted to say. i know what the A stands for, which is ACQUIRED uniparental disomy.

still working on how to tell the difference between LOH and aUPD <_<