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DNA yield estimation - (Oct/06/2009 )

Hi Bioforumers,

I have been told that I can estimate the amount of DNA from a gel. So I loaded 10uL of my sample and compared to the 1kb DNA marker from NEB. I am looking at the 1.5kb DNA sample and I estimated the intensity of my DNA to be 5x more intense than the standard at 1.5kb. NEBs website says 1.5kb = 36 ng. So does that mean I have approx 160ng of DNA? (36 x 5). Could someone please look at the gel and tell me if I am right.

Attached Image


Looks about right. If you wanted to make sure, you could run several lanes with dilutions of your DNA and match intensities, for a more accurate measurement. But you probably don't need that accuracy for most purposes.