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Cells to Ct RNA isolation kit (Ambion) - (Oct/02/2009 )

Has anybody used the TaqMan microRNA Cells to Ct total RNA isolation kit from Ambion? They say it's possible to isolate total RNA from 10 cells and use that for up to 10 cDNA reactions. I'm wondering if anybody has gotten this to work well in their hands (the data on the Ambion website looks really great though - but maybe too perfect?? ;)).

-miRNA man-

Cells-to-Ct kit is a great tool to use for these purposes. RNA from 10 cells should be detected, as RT-PCR is very sensitive. Using it for 10 different cDNA reactions might be a bit much though, I would increase the amount of RNA used for this.

As some cells are incompatible with this kit I'd advise to test if Cells-to-Ct works with their Control Kit before you start working using it, unless your cell type has already been validated.

Good luck