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RNA elution after stains all staining - (Sep/30/2009 )


I purified RNA on PAA denaturating gel and after this I stained gel with stains all. I cut out the band with my RNA and tried to eluted it with 0,3 M sodium acetate. I found that I couldn't elute RNA. Does anybody know where is the problem? Maybe the stains all affects elution? From the other hand I eluted the same RNA without staining and everything was fine.




Which stain did you use? some will cause the gel to cross-link the RNA.


I use Stains-All from sigma


in what medium do you prepare the stains-all?

we used it for protein staining and prepared it in a solution containing isopropanol. if you prepared yours in a similar solution then you may have precipitated the rna in the gel and may require longer incubation and/or harsher conditions to elute.