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Viral genome sequencing - (Sep/29/2009 )

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Just thought I'd share, I have heard from the Nimblegen folks and they've said the following

"We can only enrich for known sequences. In addition, I doubt the virus is large enough to justify using our technology over PCR. She may want to take a look at COLD-PCR. Not sure it will work, but it might be worth a try."

I don't think that COLD-PCR will be really applicable either but it was definitely a good read!

phage434 on Nov 3 2009, 08:00 AM said:

One approach to think about is array based purification. Roche Nimblegen will make a custom array which can be used to bind the sequences complementary to the array. This has been used to enrich for rare DNA/RNA. You'd need to have sequence for the organism you are trying to eliminate.

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