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need help on primer calcuation soon - (Sep/26/2009 )

This is an easy question, but need help. I have a primer bought from IDT in powder form, some of its information is below. How do I bring it to 100nM final concentration with water? Or please tell me the formula.

Primer information:
MW = 10000.7
40nmol = 0.60mg


Hi claritylight,

There is a very simple rule to follow when making these primer solutions:

1. Multiply the number of nanomoles you get by 10, and that is the amount of water/TE buffer you need to add to obtain a 100 uM (micromolar) solution of your primer.

2. To get a 100 nM (nanomolar) solution, simply dilute 1:1000.

For example if you have 40 nmoles of primer, add 400 ul of water and you get a 100 uM solution. I would then mix 10 ul of your 100 uM solution with 990 ul of water to get a 1 uM solution. Then mix 10 ul of this 1 uM solution with 90 ul of water and you get your 100 nM solution of primer.

Good luck