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Protein qauntitation with nanodrop - SDS and urea (Sep/25/2009 )


I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to quantitate proteins with out loosing too much durin the process. We have nanodrop in our lab which I was thinking of using. I've been trying to find out how well SDS and urea are tolerated by the instrument. Didn't find anything from the manual and the manufacturer hasn't been too heplful either. Does anyone have experience on either SDS, urea or both with nanodrop?

Also I've heard rumers that using the nanodrop for protein could somehow later on interfere nucleic acid measurements. Have any of you experienced this?



as with any buffer component, sds and urea may absorb at some wavelengths. this should not be a problem if you blank with the same buffer.

if you properly clean the parts that contact the sample then you should have no problems.