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microRNAs - How to identify them? (Sep/21/2009 )


I've extracted RNA from PBMCs stored in Trizol and run the RNA on a Bioanalyser. I can see the 28S and the 18S but I do not know if I have microRNAs in these samples as they do not show up on the gel photo.

Does anybody use the Trizol method to extract miRNAs and if so how do you idenitfy them?

Thanks :angry:


Hi Aideen

I have also been using a Bioanalyser to look at miRNAs. They can be found right next to the lower marker at around the 25s mark on your electropherogram. If you have a high concentration of rRNA in your samples it may be difficult to see the miRNA peaks as they are much smaller.

There is an article in Nature Methods application notes that may be of use:

Hope that helps