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MDA-MB-175 - Proliferation (Sep/17/2009 )

Hello there..

I have recently started working with the cancer cell line MDA-MB-175. I am involved in testing anti-cancer activity of certain antibodies against this cell line and I have troubles in having them in culture for my assays. They seem to grow very slow! It takes almost a week for me to do the next passage/ sub culture and hence the assay is delayed too! I am using standard DMEM F12 medium with 2mM L-glutamine and 10% FCS suppliments.

Is there anything I can do to make them grow more quick!!



Try seeding the population at a higher density. Also try increasing the FBS to 20% in the beginning.
Sometimes cells grow slow for the first few subcultures.


IIRC these do grow quite slowly and have problems with contact inhibition. Make sure they are not too confluent when passaged.


Thank you stefan and bob I shall try your suggestions!



sorry about the typo stephan!