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Too many bands in my SDS-PAGE - (Sep/17/2009 )

can someone please help out, I suddenly have started getting many bands in my SDS-PAGE after staining and destaining. I made sure that my comb was clean and my gel plates were properly washed and cleaned but I still got these bands after running SDS-PAGE analysis. Previously I got only bands for my target protein but now I have these unwanted bands.
Please any suggestions about how to get rid of these unwanted bands?

Thank in advance


Gels run using whole cell lysate? purified protein?


one of your buffers is probably contaminated.


Or Ab going old!


One possible reason is sample degradation.

Or, did you change the voltage from the power supply? If you use a lower voltage, it is possbile that the previously unresolved bands are separated (low V, high resolution).


Hi ojbillions, welcome to the BioForums!

To answer your question, we need more information about your procedure. When you say "bands", do you mean bands on a stained PAGE gel or bands on a western blot of a PAGE gel? What is the nature of the sample you're loading -- is it a whole cell lysate or a purified protein sample?