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Haemocytometer cell count - Coverslips (Sep/16/2009 )

Hello, I have a quick question. Is it necessary to use the correct coverslip with a haemocytometer or can one use regular slips? I have managed to break the only coverslip we had in the lab, I now have five haemocytometers but no coverslips! I am guessing I need to get hold of another one but thought I'd ask in case I can get by in the meantime with regular coverslips...


Im almost certain you may use any coverslip. I usually use a 0.2mm one.


The original coverslips are real planparallel to maintain the calibrated volume of the haemocytometer.
Using a simpel slip will introduce a bias in the volume of the meter but it will almost certain be negible in the total error of the count.


there are so many things which create errors in Haemocytometer counting. I'm sure the coverslip type does not throw it off unreasonably. If your cell counting is very important than try using a different technique.


Cool, thanks folks! I am only counting for viability and plating density etc so I think I will go with a normal coverslip until I can get a replacement.