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Ca treatment to cells - Ca treatment forms precipitates (Sep/09/2009 )

can anyone pls help....calcium is precipitating out when used at higher conc as Cacl2 to culture .....not in the lower calcium conc

Is it because of pH?...I dont use CaP04 transfection....and this Ca treatment is given only in DMEM+LG media and Ca shows precipitates in 5-10 mins


At near neutral to higher pH you'll grt precipation of Calcium hydroxide and, if there's an elevated CO2 atmosphere Calcium carbonate. The higher conc. offers a greater amount of precipitation so you may not notice it at lower levels.


Thanks George,

Ya I am facing this these 2 ph it precipitates....can u pls tell what shud i do? bcoz the ph of the DMEM gradually increases as usage.shall I decrease the Co2 levels of incubator or what?