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Genome wide screening - (Sep/09/2009 )

Hi there,

Just wondering what genome wide screening (GWS) means exactly?...I have to do a talk on GWS and PGD but am confused on what GWS entails? Is it basically just screening genes by say extracting out amniotic fluid and karotyping? Aren't GWS and PGD pretty much the same thing? Checking genes?


P.S I had to re-register after having an account for nearly 3 years--got the same name though (I hadn't used it in the past 6-12 months) does it get automatically disconnected after a period of absence?..


PGD is a specific application of GWS. They are not, however, the same thing.


-Carlton H-

Thanks for the reply---So GWS is basiclly a general term for all the processes which allows gene checking...such as PGD, my amniotic fluid example above, FISH that if someone said "Describe briefly what GWD is" would it be correct to say it involves checking of abnormal genes using a variety of techniques such as PGD etc



Re: re-registering

No, the forum crashed in a big way earlier this year, pretty much everyone who registered after 2004/5ish lost their username and post count etc.