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Help plz~ white mass in the mouse abdomen days after i.p. of tamoxifen - (Sep/07/2009 )

I did intraperitoneal injection of tamoxifen to mice due to experiment needs. At begining the mice looked normal but gradually became feeble and even died 3 days later. When open the abdomen, there's a lot of white mass amnog internal organs. The chemical is dissolved in corn oil and stored at -20 C degree, and thawed before use. The solution is clear after thawing and no particles can be seen. The dosage delivered is 10mg/mouse, (body weight ~24gram on the day of injection), which should be less than LD50 of tamoxifen.
Has anybody encounterd a problem like this? What may go wrong? Help needed, thank you very much.


Sounds like an inflammatory immune response, or that you punctured the gut!


my vote goes for punctured gut.