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Clarification about terms related to Subcultivation - (Sep/06/2009 )

I am new to cell culture and have been reading up books about it. However, I am especially confused between terms like passage ratio, split ratio, subcultivation ratio and such.

For instance, if I trypsinise the cells with 1mL of trypsin and leave the trypsin in the flask, added to 3mL of media. But I only split into two flasks and threw away half of the cells as I don't need so many flasks. What is the ratio in this case?

I understand that some people says the split ratio is from splitting the original flask into two or three flasks, so the ratio is 2 or 3 and so on. But what if a portion of the cells are discarded, as in the example above?

Thanks in advance. :lol:


Passage, split and subcultivation are all synonyms. The ratio is based on the initial amount of cells you had, so if you had a flask of cells and lifted the whole flask for splitting and suspended in 10 ml, threw away 5 ml and seeded two new flasks with 2.5 ml each you ratio would be 1:4 (i.e. you used a quarter of your cells to seed each new flask).