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amusing or entertaining title for a public talk... HELP!! - (Sep/03/2009 )

Hi guys,
I am drawing a complete blank, and i need your collective creativity to help me out.

I am giving a public presentation on my work, and it's for the "intelligent, but not scientific, audience."
The talk is no problem.
The problem is my title, and I'm stuck.

My scientific title is: MFG has a role in the differentiation and apoptosis of mammary epithelial cells.
So essentially, I need something flashy about making cells become mature enough to get a job, and about how they will die.

Any ideas?




I cant speak latin very well but maybe something along the lines of vini, labori, morti: cell fate in the hands of MFG?

Sorry I havent had any coffee yet ;)



you know, that's actually really good... going to keep that one for next time! i actually went with "chaning a cancer cell's career", last minute submission, and it's almost alliteration.



I usually don't have problems with content but i suck at titles myself. So good luck.

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