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How To Fix NaOH/Tris DNA Digest Error? - (Sep/02/2009 )

Hello -

I do PCR genotyping using the simple NaOH and Tris DNA prep, and certain recent samples only seem to be working on my more robust, virtually foolproof PCRs. To make a long story short, I believe I may have made up the NaOH to the wrong concentration (I'm about to go try to determine if it was too concentrated, or not enough). I have already added the Tris.

Is there any way of saving these samples?


EDIT TO ADD: It is *too* concentrated, by about 6.5 times.


Hi Dara -- welcome to the BioForums!

I'm not familiar with the NaOH and Tris DNA prep method, but perhaps you could neutralize the solution and precipitate your DNA to recover it?