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novel microRNA prediction - (Sep/02/2009 )

This is my first time to ask for help here. Maybe there are somethings not very correct, and i am very sorry for my poor english.
We have cloned a novel gene termed TCRP(tongue cancer chemotherapy resistance associated protein), now we want to find whether there are some microRNAs to regulate it. We have ued some microRNA datebase on line to predict the target, but got no result. So we will use the "3 untranslation region sequence" to predict novle microRNA, but found no related database online. If some one knows related knowledge please tell me here or mail me(



What animal model are you testing on or is that on a human genome? miRBase is one option to check for the miRNAs prediction. TargetScan is another. Hope that helps.
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i think there are several groups that have run microRNA datasets, and have them saved as .bed files.
if you find those (pubmed is the best place to start), you can use the UCSC genome browser and compare it to your gene's of interest.
just an idea.