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MethPrimer - Design primers for methylation PCR

MethPrimer - Design Primers for Methylation PCRs

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Welcome to MethPrimer
  • MethPrimer is a program for designing bisulfite-conversion-based Methylation PCR Primer. Currently, it can design primers for two types of methylation mapping PCRs: 1) Methylation-Specific PCR (MSP) and 2) Bisulfite-Sequencing PCR (BSP) or Bisulfite-Restriction PCR.
  • Input Sequence: DNA sequences in any format. No editing is required before input.
  • Output: MethPrimer returns results in both text and graphic view.

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How to cite MethPrimer: Li LC, Dahiya R. MethPrimer: designing primers for methylation PCRs. Bioinformatics. 2002 Nov;18(11):1427-31.

Mailing list for methylation related methods discussion (moderated) Join the CpG mailing list to ask questions and share your knowledge on methylation related  methods, such as bisulfite modification, primer design, MSP, bisulfite sequencing PCR. 

Acknowledgement: MethPrimer is based on on the well-known primer design program Primer3 (Steve Rozen, Helen J. Skaletsky (1998) Primer3. Code available at  Copyright (c) 1996,1997,1998 Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. All rights reserved. ). 

MethPrimer was developed by Dr. Long-Cheng Li at Dr. Dahiya's Urology Research Center, Veterans Affairs Medical Center and University of California, San Francisco.
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