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<B>NH4Ac and EtOH precipitation of DNA</B>

NH4Ac and EtOH precipitation of DNA

Add NH4Ac (10 M stock or solid) to the sample for a final concentration of 2.5 M, mix (spin at 4 C, transfer the supernatant to a new tube; optional spin for extra purification of the DNA), add 2.5 volumes of EtOH, mix, and spin this time keeping the pellet (watch the liquid as pouring it down the drain to make sure that pellet does not come loose). Turn the tube upside down on a paper towel to allow the EtOH to drain well. Give the pellet a 70 % EtOH rinse (carefully and a little slowly add the EtOH by a DPTP: if the pellet comes loose, spin it again), drain the tube again, and dry the pellet briefly (under the vacuum for 5 to 10 min) before resuspending the DNA in 10:2 TE (almost always TE except doing a digest or ligation in which case the DNA is resuspended in H2O:low salt in the resuspension buffer is important). Often multiple NH4Ac/EtOH precipitation are desired. If the DNA is particularly important or if it is at a very low concentration i.e. <0.5 µg/ml, it is best to include a waiting period before each spin: at least one hour (overnight is better) and at either room temperature or 4 C. EtOH and salt reduce the solubility of DNA, consequently, it is best to drain the EtOH well, wiping the inside of the tube with a Chimwipe (but, do not touch the pellet)

Sample Volume of Table

 	MFT(0.5 ml)	MFT(1.5 ml)	Corex		ORT 250ml  DNA	105 ul	210 ul	 315 ul		2.1 ml	 9 ml	 60.0 ml NH4Ac	 35 ul	 70 ul	 105 ul 	0.7 ml	 3 ml	 12.6 g EtOH	350 ul	700 ul	1050 ul		7.0 ml	30 ml	165.0 ml  Optional spin check:  Min/rpm	15/14K		20/14K		10/14K		25/9K Min/rpm 20/14K	20/14K	20/14K		20/14K	20/14K	25/9K