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Friday, I'm in love - (Aug/19/2011 )

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ok, this one's for ex-perlmunky....a bit late but who knows...he might just pay us a surprise visit...

this here's a mangling of K'naan's song 'Hurt me Tomorrow':

Leave Us Tomorrow (casey's version)

I used to think that PERL is just embedded in a trinket

and Linux is Charlie's bestfriend with the blanket

C++ for me is but an almost F

and banks with no money but only genes so what the F?

Yo Fasta Blast aint as scary as Gangsta Blast

No idea 'bout Python Programming, Unix, source-coding,

what's white hat hacking Java is the coffee I drink in the morning

but now I'm a bit enlightened......

If what we read is true

Then we know what you came to do

You may be tired but we're hoping that you

would stick around and may be consider....

Ref: This ain't a good time

But when is it ever

I know the perfect time

And dude that's never

So don't you dare leave us now

Throw your posts on the ground

Cause tonight ain't the night for sorrow

But you can leave us tomorrow....

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