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Posted 19 September 2009 - 11:07 PM

Hello! I finished high school not so long ago, and is currently waiting to enter the military (I will enter in October), but I have to find out what to study o_O

The thing is, I didn't really like school to much, and biology-classes was always either very early or late so tiredness grabbed me, and really I didn't learn much ..and now I work at a hospital and have started really enjoying biology, having small talks with biochemists, doctors etc
And it has gotten to the point where I want to study it, maybe micro biology / bio chemistry to the problem!

My math is useless, and my chemistry is not there, so I want to ..test myself, I just wondered if you had any tasks I could try? Any books I could buy / e-books for free :wacko:, I really want to find out if I can handle biology, and if I can, 6 years at the University of Oslo awaits me ^^

In advance, thanks for all the replies and please do excuse my horrible English :)

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:21 PM

I would start with a good biology text book - something that covers first/second year of university. My suggestion would be to have a look at Campbell's Biology or find something similar. Knowledge of advanced maths and chemistry is not absolutely essential, though they will definitely help, especially for biochemistry and microbiology. An understanding of the basics is definitely needed though.

If you didn't manage to pass the school courses you may have difficulty being admitted into university, though there are usually catch-up courses you can take.

edited to fix my atrocious typing, and to add that your english seems fine to me.