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Interferon Protection assay Day 3 {Inoculation}

Posted by ACN, 31 August 2011 · 51,374 views

virus propagation
Posted Image
Image: picture of my virus propagation

Yesterday (8/30/11) addition of 100ul PBL mIFN (interferon) {in a 5 fold serial dilution fashion} done in 1X DMEM + 10%FBS+PSG.
Today {8/31/11} plates (3) were subjected to 100uls of inoculum (EMCV in 1XDMEM+10%FBS+PSG). “dilution based on previously done kill curve”
Plate#1= 1:2K
Plate#2= 1:4k
Plate#3= 1:8k
Plates were spun at 100g for 20minutes rotated then spun again for another 20min. Let incubate at 37C in 5%CO2 for at least 24hr.

If smallpox can only survive in humans and has seemed to have existed since humans have. What do you think came first smallpox or humans (“chicken or the egg?” Type of question I know.)

or maybe it was a DNA fragment that decided to be independent from the human genome?
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"just decided," I feel is a little too easy.
There are a ton of barriers to overcome when thinking about the creation of a virus. If a fragment of DNA was able to become separated from the genome, as I'm sure DNA does all the time, wouldn't it be degraded pretty quickly?

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