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Immunofluorescence of Embryos


disposable scapel

#15 (round tip) Feather brand

subbed slides

0.1 % poly-L-lysine (MW>300,000)

0.2 % gelatin

0.01 % chrome alum

(dip slides in solution and dry overnight)

Whatmann paper

for ease cut into 1 inch square pieces


  1. Dissect embryos from gravid hermaphrodites
    • pick gravid hermaphrodites into 100 ul of H20 on a subbed slide
    • cut hermaphrodites near vulva with disposable scapel to release embryos
  2. Freeze-fracture embryos
    • remove practically all of liquid from slide with pipet (~90 ul)
    • place coverslip on embryos/worm carcasses
    • wick residual liquid out with Whatmann paper until embryos begin to flatten
    • freeze slide on dry ice >20 minutes
    • quickly flip off coverslip with razor blade
    • immerse slide in fixative
    • process for immunofluorescence



compiled by Chad Rappleye

Aroian Lab Protocols