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Making Dauers with dauer pheromone

Making Dauers with dauer pheromone

Author: Sho Gottlieb 1992

1) Make tiny plates with NGM-peptone worm plate recipe

2) 2%(2g/100ml) DHSalpha cells O/N culture(are not strep resistant e.coli)

3) Add strep to 50ug/ml to O/N and shake for 1-2 hours more
4) Spin down cells and resuspend in 50ug/ml strep soln-to prevent growth of bacteria

5) Spread tinys with 2 ul food and 40ul pheromone (Sho's-new preps have to be tested for effective concentration).

Note: less than 100 L1s on plate

In addition: Can reuse plate if no contamination, store pheromone at 4 C

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