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Method: Logging in Specimens and Record Keeping

June 10, 1990

Rosalie Veile



  1. Refer to cell line growth record sheet. When a cell line arrives or is established from whole blood, information such as the cell line number, family position in the pedigree, sex, date of birth, date arrived, etc., is recorded on a cell line growth record sheet in a binder which corresponds with the study group to which the cell line belongs. Other information is recorded, such as the dates the cell pellet is frozen for DNA extraction and for permanent storage. The freezer locations (in stainless steel racks) of the cell line aliquots are recorded to facilitate locating the cell line at a later date.
  2. To locate a cell line frozen for DNA extraction, first look for the location of the cell line on the master list of all the cell lines in the study group. This master list is located in the front of the study group binder to which the cell line belongs. After the rack location is identified, locate the position of the cell line in the rack. A separate binder labelled '-80 Revco' has forms representing all the racks with in the freezer; refer to - 80 Revco sheet. When a cell line is removed it is erased from the -80 rack sheet and crossed off the master list in the study group binder.
  3. A binder to locate frozen cell lines for permanent storage is labelled '-135 Cryostar'. The -135 freezer has the capacity to hold 20 racks with 10 boxes in each rack. Each box has the capacity for 81 cryotubes with one empty space used for rack orientation. In the -135 binder, 20 dividers separate the 20 racks, and between each divider are 10 sheets (each labelled -135 Cryostar sheet), corresponding to the 10 boxes in that rack. The -135 Cryostar sheet is used to record the information of what cell lines are in ach box. On these sheets data such as kindred number, cell line number, and date the cell line is frozen is recorded. When a vial is removed, it is erased off the sheet and off the master list in the front of the study group binder.


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