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Elastic Picro Sirius Red

1. Bring sections to water

2. Acidified potassium permanganate 2 minutes 3. Wash in water

4. 1% Oxalic acid 1 minute

5. Wash in water

6. Wash in 70% alcohol (optional)

7. Stain in Weigert's Resorcin Fuchsin at room temperature 45 minutes

8. Wash in water 10 minutes

9. Differentiate in Acid alcohol

10. Wash in water 10 minutes

1. Stain in Picro-sirius red 1 hour

12. Wash in water

13. Dehydrate, clear . Mount sections in DPX

N.B. Wash quickly at step 12. Dehydrate quickly


--Collagen - Red

--Nuclei - Blue-Black

--Background - Yellow

--Elastin Black


Picro-Sirius red 0.1 Sirius red F3B in saturated Aqueous Picric Acid

Weigert Resorcin Fuchsin

1. To 100ml of distilled water Add 1g of basic fuchsin and 2g of resorcin.

2. Boil

3. Add 12.5ml of freshly prepared 30% Ferric Chloride solution

4. Continue boiling for 5 minutes

5. Cool and filter, discarding the filtrate

6. Dissolve the precipitate in 100ml of 95% Ethanol using a hot plate or water bath for controlled heating.

7. Add 2ml of concentrated HCl

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