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X-gal staining of embryos

X-gal staining of embryos

Protocol supplied by S. P. Yee ( and Joe Chan (





  1. 10% NP40
  2. 1% Deoxycholate (0.5M EGTA (make 1M and dilute with 4M NaOH till dissolves. Check pH=neutral, make up volume for 0.5M)
  3. 0.5M K3Fe (CN)6 = 1.65 g/10 ml (red)
  4. 0.5M K4Fe(CN)6 = 2.10 g/10ml (yellow)
  5. 40 mg/ml X-gal (in dimethylformamide)
  6. 1M MgC12


2. Rinse buffer Final concentration Stock

3. Staining buffer Final concentration Stock