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Animal Anesthesia
  1. For Parenteral Anesthesia (injection):
    1. KetaVed(TM) Ketamine HCl injection ( equivalent to 100mg/ml Ketamine)
    2. Xylazine, 100mg/ml (AnaSed(R) Injectable, LLOYD Laboratories)
    3. 0.9% Sodium Chloride Inj.
    4. 1ml Insulin injection syringe
  2. For inhalation anesthetic:
    1. Isoflurane (Vedco IsoSol ).
    2. anesthesia cage(box)
    3. 50ml plastic tube with holes punched
    4. gauze
  1. For Parenteral Anesthesia
    1. Prepare xylazine/ketamine stock by adding 1.5ml xylazine into 10ml ketamine HCl injection and mix.
    2. Before use, mix one part of stock solution with 3 parts of sodium chloride injectable.
    3. use 0.1 ml mix for mice with sub?? injection.
  2. For Inhalational Anesthesia
    1. Put some gauze into the punched tube (not too tight)
    2. Apply isoflurane into the gauze so it can be evaporate through the holes without overflow. Keep the lid covered.
    3. Put the mouse in the cage and carefully observe.
    4. As soon as the mouse sleep, take it out immediately. inhalation too long may cause death.
    5. If the mouse wake too early, it can be put back again.
    (A simple apparatus is being made and may be available soon. )