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Addgene - Protocols: Antibiotic concentrations for growing bacteria
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Protocols > Antibiotic concentrations

Antibiotic concentrations for E. coli selection

Antibiotic Concentrations

The following list shows recommended antibiotic concentrations for LB media or agar plates.

Antibiotic Concentration
Ampicillin 100 μg/mL
Bleocin 5 μg/mL
Carbenicillin 100 μg/mL
Chloramphenicol 25 μg/mL
Coumermycin 25 μg/mL
Gentamycin 10 μg/mL
Kanamycin 50 μg/mL
Spectinomycin 50 μg/mL
Tetracycline 10 μg/mL

Example: To make 100 mL of LB/ampicillin growth media, add 100 μL of a 100 mg/mL ampicillin stock (1000X stock) to 100 mL of LB.

Reagent List: Antibiotics

Unless otherwise indicated, the antibiotic powder can be dissolved in H20. Addgene recommends making 1000X stock solutions and storing aliquots at -20oC.

ReagentCatalog Number
Ampicillin EMD Chemicals #171254
Bleocin EMD Chemicals #203408
Carbenicillin EMD Chemicals #205805
Chloramphenicol EMD Chemicals #220551 (dissolve with EtOH)
Coumermycin Sigma #C9270 (dissolve with DMSO)
Gentamycin EMD Chemicals #345814
Kanamycin EMD Chemicals # 420311
Spectinomycin EMD Chemicals # 567570
Tetracycline EMD Chemicals # 583411

Please note that the catalog numbers given in the list above are only examples, and there are many additional companies that supply these reagents.

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