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GOrilla - a tool for identifying enriched GO terms


     Gene Ontology enRIchment anaLysis and visuaLizAtion  tool


GOrilla is a tool for identifying and visualizing enriched GO terms in ranked lists of genes.
It can be run in one of two modes:

  1. Searching for enriched GO terms that appear densely at the top of a ranked list of genes or
  2. Searching for enriched GO terms in a target list of genes compared to a background list of genes.
For further details see References.

Running example        Usage instructions         GOrilla News(Updated Feb 7th 2010)         References

Step 1: Choose organism

Step 2: Choose running mode

Single ranked list of genes       Two unranked lists of genes (target and background lists)   

Step 3: Paste a ranked list of gene/protein names     

Names should be separated by an <ENTER>. The preferred format is gene symbol. Other supported formats are: gene and protein RefSeq, Uniprot, Unigene and Ensembl. Use WebGestalt for conversion from other identifier formats.
Target set:
Or upload a file:

Background set:
Or upload a file:

Step 4: Choose an ontology

Process       Function      Component    All New!   

 Advanced parameters

    P-value threshold:  

    Output results in Microsoft Excel format

    Output unresolved and duplicate genes

    Run GOrilla in fast mode


    If you choose to use this application please cite:

Graphics are generated using Graphviz.

Components of the GOrilla system were designed as part of the European Union FP6 funded Multi Knowledge Project.

Multi Knowledge   

Creating New Knowledge In Networks of Medical Research

Please send your comments, suggestions and bug reports to Roy Navon at: Roy Navon
For questions regarding your results, please include a link to your results page.

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