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Freezing Cells

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Freezing Cells

Contributor: Suprya Jayadev
Date: January 10, 1991

1) Keep prepared solutions on ice.

2) Determine total cell count of cells to be frozen. (e.g. 1 X 108 )

3) Determine number of vials to be frozen. (e.g. 10 vials at 1 X 107 )

4) Centrifuge cell suspension.

5) Resuspend cell pellet in half the required volume of freezing media. (eg if freezing 10 vials, add 5 mls freezing media)

6) Keep cell suspension on ice.

7) Slowly add dropwise with mixing an equal volume of DMSO solution.

8) Dispense 1 ml of final mixture per sterile Nunc freezing vial.

9) Freeze in liquid nitrogen plug or in controlled rate Planar freezer.

Freezing media

60 ml RPMI1640 or DMEM
40 ml Gammaglobulin free Horse Serum (or FCS)
1 ml Penicillin - Streptomycin

- Filter through 0.2µ filter.
- Aliquot in 15 ml conical tubes and store in -200 C freezer for long term periods.
- Aliquots can be stored in tissue culture flasks in refrigerator for short periods.


If using 100% DMSO:
4 ml pH adjusted medium RPMI (orange-red color)
1 ml sterile 100% DMSO
0.1 ml versene

- Filter through a 0.2 µ filter.

If using 50% DMSO:
3 ml pH adjusted medium
2 ml 50% DMSO
0.1 ml versene

- Filter through a 0.2 µ filter.

NOTE: Versene can be left out, but adding it prevents cells from clumping.