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"Dirty" Mini Preps:

"Dirty" Mini Preps:


1)       Grow 3-5 ml over-night E. coli cultures containing your plasmid


2)       Spin down 1.5 ml cells


3)       Resuspend in 300 l Buffer P1 w. RNase A


4)       Add 300 l Buffer P2.

Mix by inverting tube a couple of times (no vortex). It is important that cells are completely lysed. Incubate at RT, 5 min.


5)       Add 300 l ice cold Buffer P3, mix by inverting a couple of times (no vortex). Incubate on ice, 5 min or more.


6)       Spin 14,000 rpm, 10 min.


7)       Transfer supernatant to new tube. Extract with 500 l PCA (Phenol:Chloroform:Iso-amyl alcohol, 50:49:1). Spin 14,000 rpm, 5 min.


Note: The PCA step is optional if the preps are used for restriction digests - however, the plasmid DNA is not likely to be stable over time without PCA extraction due to potential co-purifying DNases.


8)       Transfer 800 l aqueous phase to new tube.


9)       Add 0.7 volumes (560 l) isopropanol. Mix by inversion. Spin 14,000 rpm, 15 min at 4˚C.


10)    Remove isopropanol. Wash with 70% EtOH (careful, pellets sometimes come loose). Spin 14,000 rpm, 2-5 min at 4˚C. Remove all EtOH.


11)    Air dry. Resuspend in 20 l Te buffer.


12)    Test 2 l by restriction digestion.



Buffer P1 (store at 4C):

50 mM Tris-HCl pH 8.0

10 mM EDTA

100 g/ml RNase A


Buffer P2:

200 mM NaOH

1% SDS


Buffer P3:

3.0 M potassium acetate pH 5.5



JLA, 8/3/07