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Yu-li Wang's Laboratory: Lab Protocols

Preparation of Dialysis Tubing


1. Spectra/Por dialysis tubing, 10 mm or 25 mm widths.

2. 0.2 M Na2CO3 (42.4 g), 0.01 M EDTA (5.8 g of free acid), 2 liter (use 1 liter for solution 3).

3. 0.01 M N-ethylmaleimide (1.25 g) in solution 2, 1 liter. Wear gloves and mask.

4. 25% EtOH, 1600 ml (400 ml 95% EtOH, 1200 ml distilled H2O).

Procedure (begin early in the day)

1. Cut tubing into 40 cm pieces. Place 20 pieces of tubing in a 2 liter beaker containing 1 liter distilled H2O. The water may be pre-heated in a microwave oven. Boil for 30 min. Use a 500 ml flask partially filled with distilled water as a weight to keep tubing under liquid.

2. Drain and boil in 1 liter solution 2 for 30 min.

3. Drain and rinse twice in distilled H2O.

4. Drain and soak in solution 3 for 2 hr, wear gloves.

5. Drain and rinse twice in distilled H2O.

6. Drain and boil in distilled H2O for 30 min.

7. Drain and rinse twice in distilled H2O.

8. Drain and rinse in 25% EtOH.

9. Drain and store in 25% EtOH at 4oC.

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