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Sending Sera to Testing for Mouse Pathogens.

  1. Bleed mice: Obtain 300-400Ál from mice of various ages (older mice that have been in the room for an extended period) and strains (include nude mice if in the room). 5-8 mice is a good number.
  2. Allow blood to clot and clot to retract o/n and collect serum next day. Avoid hemolysis.
  3. Send sera with an ice pack to:
Dr. Bob Stevenson
Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science
Frome Rd
Adelaide 5000
Phone 08 228 7377

Testing routinuely includes:

- Rotavirus
- Mycoplasma
- Sendi virus
- GD7

Cost is ca. $6 per test.


Disclaimer: The following set of protocols were contributed by various members of our lab (past and present): Christine Andrews, Fiona Christensen, Neil Della, Ross Dickins, Debbie Donald, Andrew Holloway, Gary Hime, Colin House, Yinling Hu, Rachael Parkinson, Nadia Traficante, Hannah Robertson, Ping Fu and Dennis Wang. Special thanks to Vicki Hammond, Frank Kontgen and Maria Murphy, who contributed many of the ES cell protocols. Sections dealing with Photomicroscopy, Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibody Production were provided by members of Gerry Rubin's Laboratory (Berkeley). Any comments in the methods (technical errors etc.) E-mail:
David Bowtell PMCI October 1998