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Exact Sequence and Pattern Search

Source Sequence Type  :  
Target Sequence/Pattern:  
Target Sequence/Pattern Examples:
    1. ATCGAT -- exact match
    2. ATCNNNNNNGAT -- There can be 6 mismatches between 'ATC' and 'GAT'
    3.ATC[4:6]GAT -- [4:6] means there may be 4, 5 or 6 mismatches between 'ATC' and 'GAT'
        more examples...
Mismatch Parameters:
    Maximum Mismatches per Segment: 
    Maximum Total Mismatches :            
Source Sequence : ( )
    If 'from database', please select from genome database:  
    If 'input', please input the sequence in FASTA format:
Output Alignment:
    Please specify the number of bases before and after the match range:  (chars)


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