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Search Database for Sequence Pattern

Search Database for Sequence Pattern

This program allows you to search protein databases for occurrences of any sequence string, such as YEEI or PXXP. The output consists of a list of protein IDs matching that string, including the number of occurrences within each protein (in case there are multiple YEEI matches, for example). Leaving a position blank means no restriction exists; placing an X there requires some amino acid to be in that position.

$ Aliphatic residues (GAVILM)
! Polar uncharged residues (STNQ)
# Positive residues (HKR)
& Negative residues (DE)
@ Aromatic residues (FYW)
X Any residue

Enter the motif below in single-letter amino acid code.

Select Database to Search:

Only want human proteins? Or proteins under 50 kDa? You can use the following options to place additional restrictions on the proteins you want. Otherwise, just leave them blank. Press the Submit button below when done.

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