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COnsensus-DEgenerate Hybrid Oligonucleotide Primers

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PCR primers designed from protein multiple sequence alignments

Paste your block(s) below:
Core (degenerate 3' region) - degeneracy [default=128]:
- strictness [default=0.0]:
Clamp (non-degenerate 5' region) - temperature [default=60.0]:
- poly-nuc [default=5]:
Primer concentration [in nM, default=50nM]: ([K+]=50mM)

Genetic code

Codon usage table (scroll for more choices):

By default, up to 3 of the least degenerate primers in an overlapping set are shown.
Show the least degenerate, or show all overlapping primers.
By default, the 3' base of the primer must be an invariant position, regardless of the core strictness setting.
Use core strictness for the 3' base.
Force the core/clamp boundary to be a codon boundary.
Use the most common codons in the clamp.

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