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Table of Contents
First Edition (Web Version)

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Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis & Blots Recombinant DNA Libraries
Bacteria & Bacterial Vectors Assorted Recombinant DNA Protocols
Proteins Eukaryotic Cells Miscellaneous Notes

The original form of this manual, entitled The DNA Book, underwent its first transition from notes in a three-ring binder to a set of instructions when personal computers became commonly available in the early 1980s. Each protocol was designed to give sufficient details to new technicians and students in the lab. "Big Bertha" , an assortment of restriction enzyme notes, was started when the number of restriction enzymes increased to the seemingly unmanageable number of about 20 which were distributed then by three companies. It has grown considerably since!

Numerous individuals have contributed to the development of this manual. Among these are Dr. George Gutman at U. C. Irvine, his technicians Renee Besta and Chris Ducey, and his students Chip Sheppard and Laurie Berard; Robert McArthur, a rheumatology resident i n my laboratory, Kazuko and Yasuhiko Itoh, and Hitoshi Tsugu who trained as postdocs in my lab, and a group of extremely competent technicians that have worked with and helped me over the years, namely Laurie Soares, Sally Blechinger, Robert Horowitz, and Vicki McCubbin. Chris Beard in Jerry Manning's lab at U. C. Irvine contributed many comments to the cDNA protocol, and Dr. Jeff Gimble added a few of his protocols when we were stuck on one problem or another.

This is a continually evolvin g text. Please offer any suggestions, revisions, and new protocols that you develop for future editions. In return, I'll do my best to keep you supplied with the latest revisions.

    Send comments and updates to  Dr. Bart Frank, Arthritis and Immunology Program, OMRF

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