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DNA Purification - Manual Detritylation of Oligonucleotides

Jeff Lawrence (P21)

1. If the trityl group is not removed from a newly-synthesized oligonucleotide, it may interfere with polymerization reactions.

2. Evaporate the oligonucleotide to dryness.

3. Add 300 ml 80% Acetic acid. Incubate at 22 C for 20 min.

4. Add 300 ml 100% Ethanol. Evaporate to dryness.

5. If a white precipitate forms from volatile salts: resuspend in 300 ml ddH2O, add 300 ml 100% Ethanol. Evaporate to dryness.

6. Resuspend oligonucleotide in 500 ml ddH2O.