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Cell Thawing/Cell Freezing Protocol
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Cell Thawing/Cell Freezing Protocol

Freezing Cells:

  • Cells should be growing well or known to be in log phase
  • Count, collect and pellet cells in a 15mL test tube
  • Resuspend in freezing media so that the concentration is no more than 5x10^6 cells/mL of cold freezing media
  • Transfer 1mL of cells to appropriately labelled cryovials and maintain on ice for approximately 30minutes
  • Transfer vials to -80C freezer for 24hrs
  • Transfer to liquid nitrogen dewar or -140C freezer for long-term storage.
  • Freezing media
    • 10% DMSO
    • 90% FCS
    • you'll need 1mL per 5x10^6 cells

Thawing Cells:

  • Remove vial from Liquid Nitrogen or -140C freezer and immediately transfer to 37C water bath
  • While holding the tip of the vial, gently agitate the vial, being careful hnot to allow water to penetrate the cap or seal
  • When completely thawed, transfer contents of vial to 15mL test tube
  • Slowly add 10mL warm complete media and spin at 1000g for 5min
  • Decant media and resuspend pellet in a volume of complete media appropriate for flask or macrowell
  • Transfer cells to flask or 24 well plate and incubate at 37C and 5%CO2
  • Cells can be checked visually or counted, beginning at approximately 1hr, for an estimate of viability. Immediate cell counts can be misleading