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Protease Antigen Retrieval (Trypsin) Protocol
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Protease Antigen Retrieval (Trypsin) Protocol

  1. Place slides or specimens into rack or other suitable container. Slides from paraffin-embedded samples should be dewaxed and rehydrated.
  2. Incubate the specimens for 10 minutes at room temp in PBS with occasional agitation to thoroughly hydrate the specimen.
  3. Pour off the PBS and incubate the specimen in a solution of 0.1% trypsin (tissue culture grade), 0.1% calcium chloride, 20 mM Tris (pH 7.6-8.0) solution for 2-20 minutes at room temperature depending upon the thickness and type of tissue. Optimization will be necessary. Typical time is 5 minutes.
  4. Stop the digestion by gently rinsing the specimen under the cold tap for 5 minutes, followed by incubation in TBS or PBS.
  5. Samples are now ready for the addition of antibody.

* note the listed procedure is only suggested; no warranty or guarantee of performance of the above procedure is made or implied.