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siRNA and RNAi Resource - Ambion
siRNA and RNAi resource
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The Mechanism of RNA Interference (RNAi)

Gene Specific Silencing by RNAi

RNA Interference and Gene Silencing: History and Overview

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siRNA Design Tool

RNAi Reference List
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RNAi Products
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Ambion Articles

RNA Interference: Five Ways to Produce siRNAs

Inducing RNAi with siRNA Cocktails Generated by RNase III

Optimize Transfection of siRNAs for RNAi


RNAi Journal Club
Summaries of important new RNAi-related research articles.

RNAi Analysis in Worms: The Case of Fat Regulation - Apr 2003

Argonaut4 is required for Transcriptional Gene Silencing (TGS) - Mar 2003



NEW! Silencer Express siRNA Expression Cassette Kits
These kits provide a rapid PCR-based method for preparing siRNA expression cassettes that can be introduced into cells to induce gene silencing without prior cloning or sequencing, making them ideal for the screening of potential target sites. Effective cassettes can then be subcloned into an appropriate vector for long-term studies.

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Web Resources's "InFocus Webcast: Gene Silencing by RNAi"
A live panel discussion that took place March 20, 2003.
Listen to a replay or read the transcript.

" The Rest is Silence"

Nature Reviews Genetics: "Post Transcriptional Gene Silencing by Double-Stranded RNA" (Animation)

McManus Homepage


RNAi in the News

Shhh: Silencing Genes with RNA Interference - 4/7/03

Thomas H. Cech Interview - 3/27/03

RNAi: Triggering a Revolution - 3/19/03

Biotech's Hope Isn't Just DNA Anymore - 3/10/03


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