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Standard Protocols

Instructions for Luminometer

(Located on 2nd floor cancer studies in Howey room)
  1. Switch on the machine, back left hand side.
  2. Make sure there is enough distilled water in the reservoirs on top of the machine and at the main menu press ‘others’, ‘operator functions’, ‘reagent’, ‘others’, ‘wash’ i.e. ‘inj1’ then type in ‘12’ and press ‘enter’.
  3. Insert tube and machine will wash injectors.
  4. Remove injector from the reservoir and insert it into the reagent required i.e. ▀gal. = accelerator reagent tube.
  5. Press exit until you reach main menu again.
  6. At main menu press ‘others’, ‘operator functions’, ‘reagent’, ‘prime’ insert tube and press enter.
  7. Press exit until you reach the main menu.
  8. At main menu press ‘measure’, ‘protocols’, ‘print list’. Select the programme number you require i.e. 4 (margreet) for ▀gal.
  9. Press ‘ok’ add any coments then press ‘enter’ to continue
  10. Insert sample tube into machine and press ‘start’, chamber will rotate and reagent will inject into tube and the machine will count activity.
  11. Whilst sample one is counted insert sample two tube and press start (if ▀gal. assay is used then press start in the same time frame as first reagent was added.
  12. To recover last tube in chamber then press exit until the main menu then press ‘others’, ‘turn once’ and then remove tube.
  13. Don’t forget to repeat step 2 to clean injectors after use.

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