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Standard Protocols

Standard Protocols

Below is a list of many commonly used standard protocols in the Gene Delivery Group. Click on a protocol for more information.
  1. Ethidium Bromide assay for complex formation
  2. Gel retardation assay for complex formation
  3. pHPMA-coating of complexes
  4. Isolation of complexes from serum
  5. Production of linear DNA from plasmid DNA using restriction digests
  6. Oligolabelling of plasmid DNA (32P and FITC)
  7. End-labelling of linear DNA
  8. Nuclease degradation assay
  9. Determination of DNA concentration
  10. Purifying DNA
  11. PCS (light scattering) analysis
  12. Kupffer cell immunohistochemistry
  13. Cryostat sectioning
  14. Haematoxylin and Eosin staining of tissue sections
  15. Autoradiography of tissue sections
  16. Western blot
  17. Immunoprecipitation
  18. Storing cells in liquid nitrogen
  19. Removal of cells from liquid nitrogen
  20. Standard tissue culture
  21. BCA assay
  22. Transfection assay I (b-Gal)
  23. Transfection assay II (luciferase)
  24. Using the luminometer
  25. MTT assay
  26. Microinjection of Xenopus oocyte
  27. Minipreps of plasmid DNA
  28. Making agar plates
  29. Transforming E.coli
  30. Pharmacokinetics and blood clearance
  31. Isolation of peritoneal macrophages
  32. Isolation of human leukocytes
  33. X-Gal staining
  34. Turbidity analysis
  35. Zeta Potential analysis
  36. Radiolabelling DNA with 125I

Further protocols can be found at Protocol Online.


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