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NSF Soybean Functional Genomics Project: Protocol Table of Contents

NSF Soybean Functional Genomics
Vodkin Laboratory, University of Illinois
Project Overview Microarray Process Microarray Results


Resource Information


Protocols for microarray development in use in the Vodkin Laboratory
For the NSF Soybean Functional Genomics Project

Preparation of DNA for microarrays
PCR Data/Reaction Sheet
Electrophoresis of PCR products
Purification of PCR products with Sephadex
Transferring PCR DNA from 96 to 384 well plates
Preparing poly-L-lysine coated slides
Postprint slide treatments
Postprint blocking of amine slides
Postprint blocking of aldehyde slides
Reverse transcriptase labeling with Cy3/Cy5
Staining of total DNA on slides
Microarray construction
Laser scanning
Spot quantitation
Statistics of expression
Sample tracking
Controls used in the microarrays
Selected URL Sites on Microarray and Plant Genomics


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