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Microscopy Laboratory Techniques

EPON resin mixture for transmission electron microscopy

For Epon WPE 153:
~120 ml~60 ml~30 ml
Mix A:Embed 81244 ml22.1 ml11.1 ml
DDSA67 ml33.3 ml16.7 ml
Mix B:Embed 81267 ml33.3 ml16.7 ml
NMA56 ml27.8 ml13.9 ml

Prepare mixture A and mixture B in 30 - 120 ml batches. Mix well and store in glass scintillation vials or some other container that can be capped tightly. Store at -20 degrees C. The mixtures can be stored for years.

For use:

  1. Be certain to completely warm the vials before opening them to prevent water from mixing with the plastic.
  2. Mix equal volumes of A and B together.
  3. Then add 0.1 ml of DMP-30 for each 5 ml of plastic.
  4. Mix well and store no longer than a day at room temp. I usually put the remainder of the plastic in a tube or vial, cap and wrap the cap with parafilm, and put it at 4 degrees C overnight.

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