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Neutralizing Arachidonic Acid

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Neutralizing Arachidonic Acid

Contributor: Suprya Jayadev
Date: August 21, 1991

NOTE - Use arachidonic acid from Biomol (# FA-003)

1) Make up the appropriate concentration of AA in 100% ethanol.

2) Add 1µl of phenol red solution.

--> The solution should appear yellow since the free acid has not been neutralized as yet.

3) Add 1 µl at a time of 50% NaOH-H2O (1:1) and vortex after each addition.

4) Once a pink color has been attained, the solution is "neutralized."

--> At this point, the pH should be ~8-9; this should not be too critical however, since cells will be treated with such little volume of this solution.