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CE Expert Lite
CE Expert Lite
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System Type:
P/ACE 2000 or 5000
P/ACE System MDQ
Generic CE
Hydrodynamic Injection (nl)
Capillary Volume (nl)
Capillary Volume to Window (nl)
Injection Plug Length (mm)
Plug % Length to Window
Capillary Volumes Replaced
Seconds to replace 1 volume
Injection Pressure-seconds
Relative Viscosity (cp)

This program provides results based on
theoretical principles. The answers presented here
should be taken as approximations, not absolutes.
Capillary Dimensions:
Total Length (cm)
Length to Window
Inside Diameter
Temperature (C)
Pressure (psi)
Time (sec)

  • Quick Start: Enter System Type, Capillary Dimensions, and Conditions.
    Click on Calculate to display results.
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