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Principles of Surgery Home Page - Penn Vet CAL

Welcome to the Principles of Surgery Home Page . The goal of this project is to aid students in mastering the skills and information presented in the course 'Principles of Surgery'. For information concerning navigation through this program, please click on the "help" button.

Surgical Instruments
This section consists of a photo gallery and key points about the instruments of surgery. It also includes information on proper instrument handling.
Preparing the equipment for surgery
This section introduces the methods of equipment sterilization . It includes information about how to prepare equipment for sterilization and how to ensure that proper sterilization is achieved.
Preparing the patient for surgery
This section describes preparation of the operative site for both large and small animals. Videos and photo series illustrate surgical scrubbing and draping procedures.
Preparing the surgeon for surgery
This section describes preparation of the surgeon for surgery . Videos and photo series illustrate surgeon's scrub, gowning and gloving. Information about various antiseptics is included.
Sutures and suture handling
This section includes instructional videos and animation to help you learn the suture patterns and knot tying presented in the laboratory. Both right handed and left handed knot tying are included.
Supplemental reading
This section includes supplemental reading on fiberglass casting and scrubbing techniques.
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This section contains links to outside sources of information.  These include educational and commercial vendor sites.

List of required skills for lab number: 1, 2, 3.

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